An affiliate is anyone who is registered with us to make money every time they refer a paying loan customer to us. By signing up for our affiliate program you gain the ability to sell all of the same loans we sell, using the same technology, through your website. We give you all the tools you need to integrate this service into your website instantly and pay out commissions monthly, enabling affiliates to build up a regular pay check by processing loan referrals on their websites.

In today’s financial marketplace there are clear advantages to getting involved with the lending industry. In many countries, including the US, it is one of the fastest growing industries at the present time and there are many statistics to suggest that this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. By setting yourself up as an affiliate in this sector you are positioning yourself to profit from this growing trend in a way that requires only minimal capital investment from you. If you have the money to set up a website that gets hits then you can afford to be one of our affiliates.

We charge no setup fees to our affiliates meaning that your only necessary costs are building a landing page and marketing it to its potential audience. You will not need to pay the overheads necessary to maintain any of the staff who make the loan possible or who service the clients. This leaves you free to profit from an excellent financial product without having to worry about any of these business costs. The benefit for us, meanwhile, is that it is a cost-effective way of expanding our reach without paying for advertising campaigns upfront.

If you have decided you would like to become one of our affiliates, simply contact Kevin Myers ( for more information or sign up using the web form at the Pingtree corporate site. We provide you with a single interface, making it easy to track commissions from the minute someone clicks through to purchasing a loan product from your website.

The amount you can make as an affiliate with us will vary depending on how well you promote the service. There are various means of doing this including Pay Per Click campaigns and Search Engine Optimization amongst others. The job of promotion is up to you – it’s what we pay you for! -and our highest earning affiliates are likely to be those who are most capable of driving traffic to their website.

As such, being a loan affiliate is a potentially lucrative opportunity that many people could be capable of taking advantage of. If you need any advice on integrating this program into your existing then all you have to do is ask us and our technical team will do their best to help you out. We do all of this for free, unlike some other companies, so you can try out our program at no risk to you and if it doesn’t make you money you have no obligation to continue.