You may have noticed that scattered around this website are a number of testimonials from customers who are happy with the service we have provided. We include these because we know that nothing helps build trust between us and our customers better than showing them how happy previous customers have been with our service. No-one reviews a company more impartially than a customer who has experience of the service they offer.

We regularly receive a large number of testimonials to our office from customers who are happy to have been able to take out a loan as and when they needed it. Successful applicants will receive the money in their bank account within just hours of applying, faster than many banks will approve a credit card.

This is, in fact, one of the most popular aspects of our service. We help you to get a loan when you need it, without having to spend days or weeks waiting around for approval. For some people this can be a lifesaver. You may have received an unexpected bill or some other financial burden which needs to be handle quickly but which you do not currently have the funds to pay. These are the kinds of circumstances when many people are grateful for companies who facilitate quick and easy credit transactions.

Moreover, many of our customers will apply for a loan through us because they have been unable to secure credit elsewhere. This means that for many people who are in desperate need of some extra cash we are a godsend. It is perhaps hard to imagine how grateful some of our customers are for this service if you have never been desperately in need of credit, having been turned down by a long string of other creditors. Pay day loan providers are capable of agreeing loans for those with bad credit histories on the basis of the fact that these loans must be fully repaid within a 31 day period.

According to a customer survey we ran in 2011, 96% of customers said they would recommend us to family or friends. This speaks volumes to the level of satisfaction our customers have with the the products we offer and we only publish a small selection of the testimonials we receive. In particular, we are proud of the level of customer service we provide with staff available to answer any question or receive any feedback 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are one of our many happy customers and would like to leave a testimonial then all you have to do is contact us via our online web form. We are always thrilled to receive customer feedback, whether good or bad. If you do decide to leave us a testimonial, however, please specify whether or not you would like to give us permission to use your comments in our marketing material. With your permission we may decide to place it on the website, alongside the other testimonials currently present.