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You Can Still Take Out a Loan – Even With Bad Credit

It is very common today to find yourself with a challenged credit report. A few missed payments and suddenly, your FICO starts dropping. However, having less than perfect credit does not mean that you don’t still need financial help from time to time. Securing loans as a borrower with bad credit is a bit more difficult than it is if you were to have great credit, but it is not impossible by any means.

We encourage people with less than stellar credit to use to find solutions that will fit your situation. While we are not a direct lender, we do partner with a variety of direct lenders, some of whom will specialize in helping individuals with credit challenges. So all you need to do, is to complete our simple online application and we will put your information before providers who are eager to help you get what you need.

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How Much Can I Get with a Bad Credit Loan?

In most cases, a bad credit loan is going to be a short-term loan, because longer terms and lower rates are reserved for borrowers with better credit ratings. Short-term loans are typically for lesser amounts than longer term loans, and they usually range from about $100 – $5000. Terms might run from 3 months to year, sometimes more depending on the provider.

The amount you can get specifically (here on will be determined by your situation, and the offers of our current partners. Our partners offer competitive rates and a range of products that are aligned with those you will find anywhere, and it does change from time to time.

Each partner will evaluate your specifics, looking at your credit score, your current obligations, and how much you are looking to get. The actual amount extended to you as an offer might fluctuate depending on our partnerships, as well as the details of your situation.

While a damaged credit history is not an automatic disqualifier in getting a short-term loan offer from one of our partners, it may (and usually will) shape the specifics of each offer. Remember that you are never under any obligation to accept an offer extended to you on

If the offers you find on are not to your liking, you are always encouraged to help restore and build your credit rating, so you can collect better loan offers and increase your financial opportunities.

Improving Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score is an ongoing effort, and it is something every individual can benefit from. Happily, too, it is not at all difficult to get things moving in the right direction:

  • Get credit reports regularly: free credit reports are available from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. You can get these reports for free and see what the loan providers are seeing.
  • Challenge errors and issues: sometimes you will see an error in your report that is causing a negative echo. By challenging and removing such issues, your credit score will improve.
  • Pay all bills on time: late or missed payments will weigh heavily on your credit score, so always make sure to pay things on time and in full. Use autopay features in your bank and on provider’s websites to make sure everything goes in and is registered on time.
  • Consolidate and reduce debt: often it will make sense to combine a variety of obligations into one lump sum. Be careful in getting rid of old, unused credit card though because some unused credit will show favorably in your FICO. You do want to avoid opening a bunch of new credit cards, because this will have an adverse effect on your score.
  • Utilize credit wisely: going hand-in-hand with debt consolidation, you want to be sure you are utilizing your available credit wisely. Lenders will like to see that you have more credit than you are using, so you can make sure you have the accounts that illustrate this idea. Sometimes it means opening a new credit card, but more often it would be clearing obligations from a well established and aged line of credit – like an older card where you have the full balance ready to use.

These are just a few of the simpler ideas to help you get your credit score improving and moving in the right direction. But even if you are doing the right things in this regard, it will take time for the impact to be felt in your ratings, so you might need to think about options to get you through tough times.

At, we understand that the journey from bad credit to good credit can take a while, so we are her to help you find solutions that work right now, no matter what you are facing.

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Uses for a Bad Credit Loan

As stated above, bad credit loans usually range from $100-$5000. As such, specific bad credit loan offers can be the perfect amount to help you get through a variety of different situations.

Unlike other types of lending products that have a predetermined usage, our partners’ short-term loans offered on can be used for any purpose. Previous customers have used our cash for all of the following, and so much more:

  • Bill paying
  • Car repairs/new tires
  • Medical expenses
  • Remodeling and home repairs
  • Educational costs/books
  • Vacations and holidays
  • Gifts
  • Weddings
  • Clothes and uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Appliances

You can see that the uses for this kind of a loan are both varied and inclusive. There is literally nothing that you couldn’t do with this money – and traditional lending products usually are not so forgiving, because restricted use is typically part of their covenant.

If you are struggling with bad credit and/or are working hard to improve your FICO score, it is a relief to know that you still have options for flexible working capital when needed. A bad credit loan may not be the best possible option in every situation, but for those who need them when times are challenging, the simple ease of is a welcomed relief.

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