Meet The Team

If you want to speak to Greg, Mark or anyone else in senior management, please visit this page on our Pingtree corporate site. If you have a query regarding please contact the suitable person below and we will get straight back to you.

  • Paul Tucker

    Head of Operations,

    Paul was born and grew up in Manchester, England. He has extensive experience in the finance sector, and in 2008 he chose to relocate to Delaware to head up our new USA division. Paul is in charge of the day-to-day operations of

  • Sarah Jenkins

    Commercial Director

    As Commercial Director of, Sarah works closely with our lending partners to ensure the safety and success of our customers. Sarah’s previous experience includes over seven years serving as a small business financial advisor and five additional years with developing secure platforms for various B2C online transactions.

  • Jacob Woods

    Head of Technology

    Jacob came to join us in 2008, and is tasked with keeping both our customer-facing website and our back-end technology live, safe, and fully functional, 24/7. Prior to joining us at Pingtree, Jacob spent 5 years working as a technology lead for one of the largest web hosts /domain registrars in the country.

  • Kevin Myers

    Head of Affiliate Partnerships

    Kevin runs our hugely successful affiliate program – we currently have more than 100 active affiliates promoting An active affiliate counts as someone who has sent traffic resulting in commissions being payable within the last seven days. If you would like more details about how you can become a part of one the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry, send Kevin a message and he will get back to you. Full details of the affiliate program are available here and you can sign up directly on our Pingtree corporate site here.

  • Alison Muller

    Advertising & PR

    Alison graduated from Keyuka College in Upstate New York in 2008 and has been with us since then – including an initial 12-month period she spent working in our UK offices. Alison is in charge of our media buys and structuring our domestic advertising campaigns – be sure to watch for her newest nationwide TV campaign, scheduled to run in late 2012.

  • John Durham

    Head of Customer Services

    John is in charge of customer services for He heads-up a team of phone agents and online support, who answer all incoming phone calls, emails and online chat requests. On peak days, John’s team is often 20-24 staff members strong, but don’t be surprised if he personally answers your query.

Our Team

We also couldn’t function without the great work from the rest of the team. We have support staff on hand 24 hours a day to answer customer queries from multiple channels – email, telephone and live chat support. We never have less than 8 support staff working, and in peak periods we can have as many as 24. If you want general support rather than needing to speak to someone specific, please fill in this form.