At we take your security seriously and whenever you send a loan application to us it is encrypted using SSL encryption to protect your information as it is transferred. This is done as a security measure to ensure that your personal and financial information is kept secure and private – between us and you.

Companies within the financial services industry are all highly concerned about the security of their systems and their customers’ data, across the board. Our company is no different and all of our systems are up-to-date with the industry standards amongst loan brokering companies. This makes sure that all our data is protected from security breaches and targeted attacks by various means.

Security Specifications

To describe our exact security specifications is beyond the scope of this article but we are always happy to field enquiries from potential and existing customers about the nature of our security precautions. If you would like to receive more information about how we keep your information safe online feel free to forward us any questions using our contact form. Our customer support staff are on hand 24 hours a day to deal with any enquiries and will be happy to find out the relevant information from our technical department on request.

Furthermore, our company and the companies we work with are all fully compliant with US law which requires a certain level of security be maintained at all times. This governs not only the way we secure your information as it is transferred to us but the security of the servers on which we store it as well as the way in which it is stored.

We use the internet a lot more now than we did ten years ago and in previous generations people would have been wary to perform transactions such as these in any way except in person. Times have changed quickly and as a result many of the older generation especially are left feeling cautious as to whether e-commerce transactions are truly as secure as companies claim. It is important, however, to remember that we cannot prevent change we can only learn to better cope with it. It is now an accepted fact that almost every financial product can be bought online. For instance, most banks now provide online banking services to their customers as standard.

Taking Out a Loan

Taking out a payday loan is no different and the technology behind the actual purchasing process differs little from any other form of e-commerce. Moreover, all billing arrangements have to be approved by your bank before they leave your account giving you an added line of defense against fraud online.

Put all this together and the actual security risk you face when taking out a pay day loan online is very low. If you are thinking at all about taking out this kind of credit there are few benefits to doing it offline rather than online. Plus, the overarching benefit to taking out this form of credit online is that it is far more convenient.

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