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When you are looking for some additional funds that go alongside your normal income flows, you are seeking what is known as an instant cash advance. This money may come to you in a lump sum from an outside source like an online lender, but it is based on having a regular income source which is why it is called an advance instead of a loan.

No matter what kind of job you have, there might be times when a little extra cash can mean the difference between stability and something much less pleasant. It is nice to know that online providers like understand your situation and needs and are ready to help you sort it all out.

It is important to know how a cash advance works and what you need to do to qualify. It is also smart to know what they might be used for and where to secure them quickly and safely.

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What Is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a small lump sum of money that is advanced to you, and then you pay it back in installments over a set timeframe (term). An advance is a lot like a loan, but it differs in the fact that it is based primarily on your income streams – you are getting an advance based on the promise of those future incomes remaining stable.

A loan provider (like a bank) will look almost exclusively at your credit history to determine how much to lend you. With a cash advance, your credit history does not play such an important role in the decision-making process. Sure, your credit score is reviewed, and it can affect how much you receive or the terms of your deal, but it is not the sole determining factor for qualification as it is in traditional lending.

What this means to you as an individual, is even if you are struggling to rebuild a damaged credit score, you can still get the money you need right now with a cash advance. While qualifying for a traditional loan at a bank might need a strong credit profile, a cash advance is a more flexible working capital option, and helps you secure the best ones for your specific situation.

How Do People Use a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is used to get through pay periods when the paycheck is simply not enough on its own. They are not typically used as a regular source of income, but instead are used in times of need to get through a tight time more comfortably.

Cash advances are referred to as “instant” or “immediate” in marketing terms, but it generally means you can get the money the same day – just a few short hours from an accepted application. The amounts are usually smaller than loans might be, because they are meant as a means to an end.

Unlike a traditional bank loan that might have a predetermined use for every penny borrowed, a cash advance can be spent on anything the borrower needs. This makes it a great option for many situations where a quick burst of cash can save you a larger expenditure down the road or to get you out of a jam.

Previous customers of have spent their cash advances on all of the following, and more:

  • Paying bills – perhaps the most common use of our funds is to use them to handle some bills that come up between pay periods. Don’t fall behind on your utilities, or grocery bills!
  • Paying fines – if you have to go to court, you might be faced with some fines that are not part of the monthly budget. A cash advance handles it nicely.
  • Buying equipment – sometimes you need a piece of equipment or an appliance and didn’t see it coming. A cash advance can step in to allow you the purchase immediately.
  • Handling emergencies – this is another very common use of cash advances here at, to handle natural disasters and emergencies. Sometimes a little extra cash is all you need to ride the storm out properly.
  • Buying gifts – weddings, birthdays, graduations, births…there are all kinds of holidays where a gift might make a perfect day even better, and a cash advance handles that cost well.

You can see that there are multiple ways you can spend the proceeds of a cash advance. One of the reasons so many people enjoy this type of financing, is that it is quick and simple to secure.

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How to Get a Cash Advance

Using, you can connect to multiple providers by completing just a single simple application. We do not provide cash advances ourselves at, but we are brokers of the best providers who do offer them.

For you as an applicant, it means you can take about five minutes to complete our online form – there is no mountain of paperwork for you to get through here. We will put you in touch with all of the available offers for you, and when qualified, our partners will extend you an offer. It all happens in minutes, not days or weeks like a traditional loan at a bank. You will know after completing the online form if you will qualify for money or not.

Note that if you do qualify, your actual offer may be a different term and/or amount than the one you request, based on your specifics and the available offers from our partners. You are never obligated to accept any offer extended here at and should always read the terms and fine print of any deal. We operate with transparency and a dedication to the safety, protection, and security of our customers in every transaction.

You don’t have to review a bunch of different lenders or find the right people to work with, as we do that for you. Our proprietary software allows you to accept any extended offer and get the money you need the same day you ask for it – a speed no loan will ever claim.

Quick, easy, and flexible funding as needed. This is what we provide at, and what you can enjoy with every cash advance you accept from our partners.

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