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Bad Credit? No Problem! You Can Still Get An Online Loan

When you are struggling with the results of a bad credit report, you want to know you still have options. Particularly in borrowing scenarios, you want to be assured you have the money you need when you need it – and traditional bank loans are typically not going to be the answer.

Online loans, like the ones offered here at, can be a smart and simple answer for many situations. Online loans are easy to access, and they are not always as stringent in qualification requirements as a bank or traditional loan provider might be. It is easier to find them, and easier still to apply for, and to receive online loans than it was to do the same in most traditional situations.

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At, we broker short-term loans from partners that will offer a variety of lending products. We work hard to find you safe, smart answers in financing, so you can keep it simple and keep life moving forward. If you have a damaged credit report, we can still typically help you find answers with the completion of our easy online application…allow us to do the heavy lifting for you.

Causes of Bad Credit Reports

It is actually quite easy to damage your credit report – sometimes, without even knowing it. As such, it is best to educate yourself about what goes into your FICO score and how you can help it to be better.

Your FICO score looks at how you have handled financial obligations in the past and gives you a numerical value to represent it from 1-850. Lenders want to see scores above 680, so anything less will present challenges to you when you want to borrow money.
Your credit score is held by three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and all will provide you with free reports on demand. Claim your free reports and know your FICO – see what lenders see!

A FICO score is created and weighted using the following measures:

  • 35% of it is your payment history, so how you’ve handled regular monthly obligations.
  • 30% of it is how much you currently owe to creditors, so your credit utilization matters.
  • 15% is the length of your credit history, which hopefully is strong.
  • 10% is new credit that you apply for, though you should look at this with the caveat that you only want to apply for credit you NEED – too many credit cards will backfire on you.
  • 10% is the type of credit you use, which looks at credit cards, installment loans, and more.

Viewing this list, you can see there are things you can and cannot control here, so best to focus on what you can do to help your credit reports.

Handling obligations as they occur, managing credit lines, consolidating debt when needed, and staying on top of your credit reports are all smart moves. But even if you have a credit report that is less than perfect, there will typically be online loans for bad credit ready to provide the cash you need when you need it.

Lender Approval, and Your FICO

In traditional lending scenarios, the lender relies heavily on your FICO to determine your eligibility as well as the specifics of your final deal. There is a mountain of paperwork needed to prove everything, and it will take you a few weeks to get the money you are asking for. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With online loan options like the ones offered here at, our lending partners are not so concerned with a perfect credit report. They see the borrower in a more holistic way, so a damaged/low FICO score in itself is not an automatic disqualifier. Many people with challenged credit reports can still get the money they need here at

Most individuals will find that online loans for bad credit are easy to secure with a minimal amount of paperwork, delays, or other hassles. Lender approval is in minutes, not days or weeks, so you can get what you need and get back to “business as usual” more quickly.

As you work to improve your FICO score (and you should always be doing this), it is good to know that you can still get what you need right now with As a responsible loan broker, we seek partners who can look beyond the FICO, and use it as only one measure among many to determine eligibility and creditworthiness.

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Take Advantage of Our Online Loans for Bad Credit

At, we like to think that everyone deserves some solid financial opportunity. We find partners that share in our quest, partners that also highly value customer safety, security, and wellbeing. With these partners we share a mutual obligation to provide safe, secure, and transparent financing options to all qualified applicants, every step of the journey.

You don’t have to shop for providers or try to find the best possible terms – we have done that for you. Simply complete our online application, which should take you about five minutes. It is reviewed in real time and assigned to the best possible partner deals. We will usually have an answer for you in minutes, so you know almost immediately if you can get the loan you need.

Note that our partners’ final offers may reflect a different amount or term than you originally requested, based on the specifics of your situation. Be aware that you are never under any obligation to accept an offer and are free to decline any loan offer extended to you. The terms and conditions for any offer will always be clearly stated before you are allowed to accept it, so you can shop with the assuredness of safety being our first priority, and always present.

If you are working to rebuild a troubled credit history, know that with, you still have options today to get the money you need. Our online loans for bad credit can help you bridge the gap and navigate between your troubled past and your best days ahead.

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