How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Tight Budget

If you’re already planning your first getaway of the new year, but you’re wondering how you’re going to find the cash for a vacation after the expense and chaos of the holidays, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to get the break you need, without necessarily breaking the bank.
Not only are we going to show you some great ways to plan for a vacation that matches any budget, but we’re also going to make sure that you know how to keep your kids entertained wherever you end up. Here’s your guide to vacationing on a tiny budget this year!

1. Look for Package Deals with Friends

If you have friends or family that are happy to go on vacation with you and your kids, then you can save some serious cash by traveling as a group. There are plenty of travel agents and hotels that offer discounts on bulk stays, so find out whether you can wrangle people together for a weekend of camping, or a fun four-day break somewhere nearby.

Even if you’re just going on vacation with close family members, remember that it’s easier to find a great deal today than ever before by simply heading online. You can find plenty of great offers if you’re flexible about your date, where you stay, and where you go.

2. Plan a Staycation

Having fun with the family doesn’t have to mean traveling overseas. Sometimes, you can have the best experiences by staying just down the road from your family home. You could even find that having a staycation means that you can bring the whole family along – including your dog!
On a staycation, you can do things like going on a family hike, going on a treasure hunt, or working on a huge art project together. Look for deals in your local area if you want your staycation to include staying at a hotel! However, remember that you can have just as much fun in your own home if you’re willing to put chores and other concerns on hold for a few days. You could even grab a tent and camp out in your backyard one night while teaching your kids all about the stars.

3. Go Camping

Speaking of spending your vacation close to home, why not find an area of beautiful scenery and pick a place where you and your kids can go camping for a few days? A camping trip is a fantastic and inexpensive way to make some memories with your loved ones while soaking up the fresh air. You just might want to wait until the weather gets a little warmer before you start planning your trip.

During your camping weekend, you can go on a hike, take pictures of the nature around you, build campfires and make smores. The options are endless. You can even send your kids out on a scavenger hunt for souvenirs of your trip! Your kids might even learn a few survival techniques!

4. Visit Loved Ones

Plenty of us has friends and relatives that live far enough away that it would be difficult to see them every weekend, or even on an evening after work. However, you could always consider going on a road trip to see these people the next time you have a long weekend. Your kids will love the opportunity to see new places and meet new people, and you’ll get to catch up with the people you care about.

You can always ask the people that you’re staying with for tips on where they would go to spend their free time if you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained during your weekend. Alternatively, simply go exploring and see what you encounter. You might end up falling in love with a brand-new place.

5. Volunteer Together

Most people don’t realize this, but there are some non-profit organizations that are willing to pay for your travel to a nearby destination and give you a place to stay if you don’t mind spending your weekend helping out with their projects. This is a cheap way to get away from home for a little while with the kids, and you’ll also teach them a thing or two about giving something back to their community.
Go online to check out what kind of volunteering opportunities are available. Options like Habitat for Humanity are great for older kids who don’t mind getting their hands dirty building things for people in need.

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